The Repairer of Reputations

Session 4 part 3

The World Portal

Entering the World Portal

  • Paladius memorised the incantation to activate the entrance to the World Portal. It may come in useful later.
  • Activating the Portal requires a pawn of Mana.

The World Portal

  • The party arrived in a locked cell; John picked the lock open
  • Corpses from a battle that took place here raised up to attack them. Lore made a notice of the insignias and symbols of their armor and shield.
  • Those corpses are possessed by corpse-worms, a minor demonic entity.
  • John found an enchanted Throwing Dagger of Returning. It functions as an enchanted weapon. Three times per day he can throw it and have it to returned to him by saying the command word “Return”. The dagger is worth 1,000 Item Points.
  • Corpse worms are source of mana; 3 of one whole corpse = 1 pawn
  • The party found Akanesh in the Library. He tried to become a lich but failed when a champion of a holy order attacked him. Hishan had the champion’s sword.
  • Paladius also took time to convert a sentry ward to become his.
  • Akanesh made John to swear an oath that that John will take a soul jar, Akanesh will enter the jar, and John will bring the soul jar through the portal.
  • John swore to “Bring your soul jar through the portal with me”
  • Akanesh then pointed the party to where an armoury is.
  • Akanesh, when asked about the Demon Wolf Fengris, said that it took him, Mizzur and Thannor to seal the wolf inside a chamber. The wards could be weakened after all the years.
  • In the World Portal, the party ran into the ghosts of Mizzur and Thannor. They said they would protect John from the fallout of Akanesh’s oath if he swore to bring them through the Portal, and not Akanesh.
  • John swore the same oath to the ghosts.
  • In the armoury, the party found Silversteel weapons. They function as +1 to hit, and inflicts +1 damage. Against demons and ghosts, they function as magical weapon, but wouldn’t have the bonus to-hit and damage. Each of those weapons has 1,500 Item Points.

Lurker Demon

  • The party then attempted to retrieve the Soul Jar from the Ritual Room, which is the anchor for a Lurker Demon
  • Upon talking to the Demon, the party learnt that a summoner called the Demon here, but died before he could complete a spell. Brandon searched the corpse of a summoner and took a focus and was possessed. He commanded the Demon to break free of the circle.
  • The Lurker Demon split into two and cast magical darkness in the whole room.
  • Lore managed to stun Brandon, causing the focus to fall and break. This free Brandon from his possession.
  • During the course of combat, Yousuf was slain. Kreiss was incapacitated, but Brandon managed to administered first-aid to stabilize her.
  • Hishan wielded the rusted, rune-engraved sword he took from the library against the demon, and it flared into white flame. It does 3d6 damage vs. demons (and probably undead too). Perhaps the champion who wielded it last time was an undead hunter. The sword is 1,000 Item Points. (Note to Hishan – you are above Item Points budget, you got to discard something)
  • Paladius use a heavy bolt of fire to destroy one demon.
  • With Kreiss down, and Yousuf slain, John grabbed the Soul Jar and ran to the library. He told Akanesh to quickly transfer his soul there, but Akanesh, not long to magic after a long time, took a while.
  • The Lurker Demon chased after John. An epic chase ensured.
  • Twice the Demon had John in its grasp, but John managed to twist free.
  • The last time John was free, he ducked under the demon and ran. Kreiss caught up, and pressed an attack. With a mighty charge she swung the Silversteel Axe at the Demon, and it into twain, from the head to the torso.
  • But before the party can recover and celebrate their victory over the Lurker Demon, Paladius felt a large, powerful demon activating the sentry ward. Is the Demon Wolf Fengris?



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