Many factions vie for power in Crescentium – it is governed by a council form with members from the different kingdoms, while Ta’ashim rebels plot in secret.

House Valentos
The civil and bureaucrat arm of the governing council.

House Sinfrinti
Leads the security and militia of the city, responsible for ensuring the Northern Kingdoms keep their hold on Crescentium.

House Lantos
An Aglandy house, ensures the shipping lane between Crescentium and the Northern Kingdoms is open.

The Spider
Unknown entity, seemingly the head of an assassin’s guild. Claim to work for the Repairer of Reputation.

The Cult of Hera
Hera is the Old Selentium Goddess of Jealously and Spite, and her Mystery Cult still thrives in the streets and alleyways of Crescentium. Seems to be in cahoots with the Repairer of Reputation.

The 4th Circle of Aquninas


The Repairer of Reputations ExtraKun