“Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you’ll die and all that you have will be mine.”

Akar the Ruthless, Akar the Cheat, Akar the Schemer, Akar the Fat – all those are the various titles this infamous merchant has gathered for himself. In Opalar, where the mercantile trade is pretty much acceptable, Akar reigns as the Scum of Merchants. That he is of mixed Ta’ashim and Nomad blood only added more notoriety (though maybe ill-deserved) to his name.

It was well known that Akar resort to sabotage, lies and bribes to get his way in business, and this comes to head when he burnt down Hishan’s father-in-law estate to get a potential rival out of the way. While there were little discriminating evidence that points to Akar as the instigator of the blaze, Hishan (who was guard captain then) and a few comrades gathered enough clues which point to Akar as the guilty one.

Akar somehow escaped the Emir’s Justice and reappeared in Crescentium, oppressing the scums located within the Old Mosque District. He was brought to justice when he was cornered in the old Mosque, and died when trying to resist arrest (or that was how the testimony of Greford de Galranos, Captain of the Templar, goes).

Though Akar may be dead, his influence linger. He has many subordinates and captains, each as ruthless and bloodthirsty as Akar is. Indeed, Akar only seems to be from a circle of merchants who would resort to any means to dominate trade within the Ta’ashim lands. Now with the Crusaders invading, perhaps they see those invaders as potential investment instead.

Lectus of Dimenvale

“Ah, Lord Javred, it’s good to see you again. How is your wife doing? Oh, it’s rather amiss of me, but it’ll be three more years before you’ll be wedded.”

Of the 4th Circle of Aqunias, a brilliant but eccentric scholar, mystic and mage. He has developed limited but uncontrollable powers of foretelling the vision, and hence is reputed to be insane, for he tend to be in the past, present and future at the same time.

Besides a practioner of the magical arts, Lectus’ other expertise is that of the old languages. He’s one of the few in Crescentium able to read old scripts of the old Kikhuauri Empire and other esoteric lost languages.

Known Skills: Spellcasting (d8), Mysticism (d8), Read Language: Kikhuauri,Ancient (d6)
Known Edges: Linguist

Lady Velvet

“One look at your flushed face is enough to tell me everything”

A courtesan of considerable fame, connections and influence, Lady Velvet operates the House of the Purple Twilight, an ‘establishment’ that carters to the needs of the high and mighty. The Principalities of the Crusades are mostly occupied lands, and most northerners are here on military business and few of their womenfolk came along.

While low-borns can concern themselves with native wenches, the lords and princes and dukes have their reputation to consider. Hence courtesans provide ‘companionship’ instead of ‘sex’, though usually the latter happens after a long day of songs, dances, poetry and reminiscing about home.

Lady Velvet is one of the five that had make a name for herself. Having both beauty and cunning in large measure, she’s famed for making shrewd political moves, such as allying herself with House Lantos, becoming the favourite among many northern lords and rich Ta’ashim merchants and generally stay out of trouble by not taking sides. Unfortunately, she had a falling out with the other 4 ‘sisters’ of her, and her reputation and fortune have diminished quite drastically.

Known skills: Notice (d12), Charisma +6

Ardat Lili

Women who died during child-birth are said to be become vengeful, spiteful spirit, full of rage against all living. Their enmity towards the living doubled if their child died too during the arduous purpose of giving bath. They haunt desolate places, inflaming the desires of those who drew too close to them and lead them to their death

Ardat Lili were the ghosts of women who died during child-birth, and eventually became demons through their obsession avenging themselves against the living (Note: The ancient Akkidan and Soloniuan beliefs believe demons to be a spirit twisted by chaos and hatred. In game terms, they have been dominated by the Infernal realm. They are not the named demons commonly found in Ta’ashim and True Faith stories).

They are said to be mistress of illusion and desire, gathering to them many followers enthralled by her charm. An Ardat Lilu could appear as a woman in any age – a young pretty lass, a mature and experienced woman or a harsh old lady. Few see the true form of an Ardat Lili, though tales have it as a slender woman with perfect form, but its flesh rotting and decomposing. They often have power over the environment that they are found in.

The Ardat Lili is likely to be related to the demon known as the White Lady, featured in many tales in Ellseland.

Obscure Lore: Demons that are born of emotional events, such as the Ardat Lili, are usually bound to the mortal plane by an anchor. Unless the anchor is destroyed, the Ardat Lili could quickly regenerate any wounds or power. However, the Ardat Lili is likely to be close by the anchor.

  • Trivia*: Mass Effect copied this for their game – their Ardat Yakshi is based on the Ardat Lili.

Notable stats: ?, Physical Immunity, Inflame Desires

Demons are immune to physical weapons, and gain +2 Toughness against magic and enchanted weapons. Relics and holy weapons do damage as normal


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