Cunning Rewards

Skill Mastery (1 Cunning at first pick, +2 Cunning cost for each pick thereafter)
You gain a skill advancement pertaining to a skill based on Smarts; apply it to a skill you already have. You may ignore your Attributes restriction. You can learn a new skill this way too.

Spell Mastery (1 Cunning)
Choose a spell, personalize it with trappings and give it a name. When you cast this spell at your specification, you get a +2 bonus to your casting roll.

Arcane Expert(1 Cunning)
Requirement: Arcane Background, Seasoned
You are a Expert of Arcane Powers; you rarely fumble. When you roll a 1 on your casting roll, spend a Benny or a Cunning check. You avoid the effects of fumble, but you failed to cast the spell.

Arcane Mastery (1 Cunning)
Requirement: Arcane Background, Veteran
You are a true Master of the Arcane; when you roll a 1 on your casting roll, either spend a Benny or a Cunning check to avoid the effects of the fumble (but still fail the spell) or spend 2 Benny or 2 Cunning checks to re-roll.

Sharpened Mind (2 Cunning)
You may only pick this once; increase one of the follow stats by one grade – Smarts or Spirit.

Source of Mana (3 Cunning)
You gain a secret source of Mana; once per adventure, you get a pawn of Mana.

Spell Learning (variable Cunning)
You learn a new spell; the number of Cunning levels you need is equal to the level of the spell; a Novice spell costs 1 Cunning, Seasoned costs 2, Veteran costs 3 and Heroic 4.

Tricky Defense (1 Cunning)
Spend a Benny or a Cunning check. For this round, you gain +1 parry, and if your opponent fails and he’s not a wild-card, you get to perform a feint action (Smart vs. Smart) immediately

Greater Tricky Defense (1 Cunning)
As Tricky Defense, except that it works on wild cards.

Guise (1 Cunning)
With proper disguise and preparation, you can blend into an environment (a guarded castle and so on) and pass on unchallenged until you do something significant (such as trying to pick pocket, sneak into a guarded area). No Stealth rolls are necessary.

Uncanny Dodge (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Agility d6, Seasoned

Spend a Benny or a Cunning check; you can avoid an attack by making an Agility check against the incoming attack roll (applies to spell). If you rolls higher, then you have evaded, but you take a -2 penalty to all actions next round.

Improved Uncanny Dodge (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Agility d8, Veteran

As Uncanny Dodge, but you do not take a penalty to your action next roll.

Expert Called Shot (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Agility d8, Veteran

When you perform a called shot and missed the first time, re-roll your attack dice (not wild). Take the higher one.

Master Planner (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d8, Seasoned

Once per session, spend a Benny or a Cunning check. You re-introduce one detail into the scene to represent your ability to plan and presence of mind. Did you remember to bring waterskins? Now you did. Did you do research to find out the hometown of the person you are impersonating. You did!

Masterplan (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d10, Veteran

As Master Planner, but you can use it twice per session.

Smokes and Signals (3 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d8, Seasoned, Master Planner

You and your allies know how to communicate incognito with each other, allowing you to speak plainly to each other without the other party knowing what the heck is going on (“Do you like for some wine?” “No, perhaps when the master and mistress have arrived” could means the time for springing the ambush is not ripe).

Speech Cunning (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d10, Seasoned

Spend a Benny or a Cunning check. Your next taunt, intimidate or persuade check works subtly on your target; if they are suspicious, they’ll need to make a Notice roll at -2 to realize that you are manipulating them or else they won’t name you responsible for the manipulation.

Already did the research (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d10, Seasoned

Need to know something about the area you are in, or the customs of the people, or a minor weakness of a monster, and you didn’t do the research? Spend a Benny or a Cunning check, you know it now.

You Want to Believe (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d8, Persuade d6, Seasoned

On a non wild-cards character, you can spin a yarn that they would want to believe. Spend a Benny or a Cunning check, your story (which must still be plausible) is believed.

Predator (1 Cunning)
Requirements: Agility d6, Smarts d6

You are the master tracker and adept at flushing out your prey. Spend a Benny or a Cunning check to draw an additional card when involved in as a pursuer in a chase.

Elusive (1 Cunning)
Requirements: Agility d6, Smarts d6

Unthreatening (1 Cunning)
Requirements: Seasoned

You are just a servant. A scholar. A mere grunt. Spend a Benny or a Cunning check at the start of combat; non wild-cards will not attack you for the first round of battle. Of course the effect is negated if everyone in the party uses this.

Spend a Benny or a Cunning Check to draw an additional card when you are being chased.

I know you know that I know (3 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d8, Notice d8, Veteran

Spend a Benny or a Cunning check. The GM will tell you a NPC’s next move, and he knows that you know it…

Anticipate (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d8 or Agility d8, Veteran

Heighten Reflexes (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d10 or Agility d10, Veteran, Level-Headed

Spend a Benny or a Cunning check before determining Initiative; draw three cards and pick the best.


Gem of Glowing (1 Cunning)
You have acquired a Gem of Glowing; on command, it emits a soft light up to 6", enough for you to move through in the darkness. It only functions when it is in the warm of a living creature.

Earrings of Whispers (1 Cunning, per pair)
This useful trinket allows its wear to whisper directly to anyone else wearing it; such Earrings often come in sets and only earrings in a set will communicate to each other. Activate the earrings usually involve the speaker speaking a command word first, and only those within a mile of each other can communicate.

Bag of Hiding (2 Cunning)
This bag has powerful illusory magic weaved into it, and so masterful it’s the workmanship that a character with an Arcane Background must make a Notice roll at -2 to realize its secret. The enchantment hides a secret pocket which anyone searching the bag is subtly influenced to miss, imposing a -4 to their Notice rolls. The pocket is enough to hide a sword; the size of the bag is the same as a sack.

Assemblable Crossbow (1 Cunning)
On inspection, those seems to be parts for puppetry. However, the owner (or anyone who makes a Notice roll at a -2) can assemble a crossbow out from those parts. As the crossbow is smaller than the usual, it only does 2d4 damage.

Amulet of Spell Storing (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Arcane Background, Smarts d10, Seasoned

Cast a novice spell (which must be single-target) into the amulet, where it will last for 24 hours till activate by a command word. If the spell requires a target, you can specify the target when you activate it. Activation is a free action, but the power points you used to cast the spell is gone till activation or 24 hours later. Popular spells include Deflection, Armour or Bolt, for the aggressive.

Blindfold of Telepathy (1 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d10, Seasoned

When worn, you are unable to see, but you can detect the presence of thoughts and minds within 50 metre of you. Note that you are unable to read minds, just detect the presence. Also, detecting the presence of demons and other supernatural creatures may require you to make a Spirit roll or risk being shaken. Undeads’ thinking processes are not shown.

Fake Treasure (1 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d8

You have, in your possession, a number of items that can pass for fine work of arts, weapons of superior craftsmanship and even relics belonging to the pious saints. Taken together, those items are worth 100 gold pieces. A Notice roll to detect the fraud is at -4 penalty, and the supposedly magical items have a fake aura of magic that an arcane practioner will suffer a -4 penalty to any attempts to divine the truth.

Feather-light Cloak (1 Cunning)
When activated (with a command word), this cloak (which can be made of any material) allows you to fall gently on the floor, allowing you to take no damage at all. However, this cloak only works once per day.

Guidestone of Survival (2 Cunning)
Requirements: Survival d6

This life-saving trinket aids a guide to find the nearest source of water; do note that the Guidestone has a range of up to 10 miles, and the nearest source of water could be as far as that. It also doesn’t pin-point the exact location, requiring the user some knowledge of wilderness survival to use adequately. Totally useless in the jungle.

Pebbles of Sound Throwing (1 Cunning)
Requirements: Smarts d8

Those magically enchanted pebbles, when thrown, will emit sound that are possible in the environment. Hence when thrown into a passageway, it will emit footsteps, dripping water and such. You cannot chose what sound it will emit. The stones are enchanted such that the sound is not cast directly at where it is, but rather some distance away from it (again, randomly determined).

Cunning Rewards

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