Items and Artifacts

Each character can carry a max number of items depending on their value. The ‘value’ is an abstract unit of cost, and is not really 1:1 with silver or gold. The value is how much impact it has in game, so a flash powder, while cheap in market, is quite useful, so it could has the same value as a sword.

Magic items and artifacts and etc. also imposes a value cost. Here’s the amount of Item Points you can have according to level.

Rank Amount of Item Points Max Item Points per Item
Seasoned 1000 1000
Seasoned+1 1500 1000
Seasoned+2 2000 1000
Seasoned+3 2500 1750
Seasoned+4 3000 1500
Veteran 4000 2000
Veteran+1 5000 2500
Veteran+2 6000 3000
Veteran+3 7000 3500
Veteran+4 8500 4250
Heroic 10000 5000
Heroic+1 11500 5750
Heroic+2 13000 6500
Heroic+3 14500 7250
Heroic+4 17000 8500
Legendary Each rank +2000 Each rank +1000

Certain edges may give some bonus Item Points. Normal equipment doesn’t require Item Points – as a rule of thumb, anything that allows you to do something a normal human can’t do will have Item Points. Poisons, traps, smoke-bombs etc. will cost Item Points (It’s like X-COM not allowing you to bring infinite number of grenades with you). Such objects usually have minimal item points, like 50 to 100 or 2000, if it is a deadly venom which can even kill a dragon.

What happens if you exceed your Item Points limit? Karma comes in and kicks you in the face for upsetting the balance. You lose the excess item, break it, or found out that it is cursed, or it just loses its enchantment or you had a mishap and lose it. In short, you will keep losing items till your item budget is balanced. Usually, the GM will be kind enough to let you decide which items to lose. Usually.

Increasing your Legend Levels may grant you more Item Points total, and more Item Points ber Item (it’s one of the option you can choose).

Items and Artifacts

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