New Spells

Cost: 4 Power Points
Duration: 3 rounds (1 PP /round)
Range: Smarts x 2
Trappings: Sleet of ice, burning floor, tornadoes
Requirements: Seasoned

Cause an area equal to a medium template to cause 2d6 damage per round to anyone within the area of effect.For each additional round a target is in the area, he takes 1 damage (hence if someone stays in a Storm for 2 rounds, on the third round he will take 2d63 damage).

The Mage can spend double the Power Points to increase damage to 2d8 per round.

Summon Weapon
Cost: 2 Significant Power Points (small to medium weapons) or 3 SPP (large to 2-handed weapons)
Duration: Entire combat or at least 10 minutes
Range: Self only
Trappings: Change a piece of flint into a dagger, stick into a stave etc.
Requirements: Novice

The mage produces a weapon from some raw material – perhaps changes a piece of flint into a sword, for example. The weapon is considered magical. For the mage to wield the weapon properly, he needs the relevant training.

On a raise, the weapon gives a +2 to hit and does +1 damage. He may pass the weapon to another to use. A mage can maintain one Summoned Weapon at a time.

Cost: 3 Power Points
Duration: Instant
Range: Smarts x 2
Requirements: Veteran

A sudden heart attack or similar convulsion seizes the target; he must make an opposed Vigor roll against the mage’s Spellcasting roll.

No success: The target suffers no ill effect
Success: The target is shaken
1 Raise: The target is shaken, and takes 2d6 damage against his unmodified Toughness
Every 1 raise after the first adds 1d6 to the damage.

Cost: 3 Significant Power Points, Channelling
Total Casting Time: 3 rounds
Duration: Instant
Range: Smarts x 2
Trappings: Swarms of insects, swarms of rat, cloud of floating daggers stabbing at target
Requirements: Veteran

The mage summons a swarm, or cloud which targets an opponent. When the mage’s turn begins, he may re-target another opponent within Smarts x 2 pace of the original target. The spell expires after 3 rounds and the mage may only move up to his pace when channelling.

The spell does different damage each round:
Round 1: 2d10 damage
Round 2: 3d10 damage
Round 3: 4d10 damage

The spell expires immediately if the mage casts another spell, moves more than 6 pace or is shaken after being attacked. On 2 raises, the mage does an additional 1d6 damage per round.

Cost: 2 Power Points
Duration: 3 rounds (+1 PP/round)
Range: Smarts x 2
Trappings: Evil eye, voodoo doll etc.
Requirements: Seasoned

The target of this Curse power must make a Spirit roll at -2 (-4 if the caster gets a raise). If he fails, he suffers a -2 to all his trait rolls and Parry for the duration of the spell.

The mage may target up to 5 targets by spending a similar amount of power points; hence he can affect up to 5 targets by spending 10 PPs.

Cost: 3 Significant Power Points
Range: Self
Duration: 3 rounds, or till triggered
Trappings: Crushing a piece of glass under the boots, drawing a circle in one’s palm
Requirements: Veteran

When used, the caster is protected against all spells that directly target him. Examples of this include Bolt, Slumber, Blind and such. Spells that affect an area still affect him, such as Blast, Entangle and etc.

Single target spells used on the caster will be reflected back at the original caster, but at a lower intensity. Spells that do damage become one grade lower (hence a 2d6 bolt does 2d4), and spells that require a roll gives a +2 bonus.

Reversal only protects against one spell. On a raise, this power protects against the next two spells.

Cost: 3 Significant Power Points
Range: Smarts
Duration: 3 rounds (1 PP / round)
Trappings: Energy forcefield, aura of protective light

Surround the target with a bubble of energy that absorbs up to 30 points of all type of damage before collapsing. The Barrier must be cast on a living creature. On a raise, 40 points of damage can be absorbed.

Cost: 1 Major Power Point
Range: Smarts
Duration: Permanent
Trappings: Manna from the dessert floor, vines that grow instantly that provides fruits

This useful spell conjure up enough food to feed 5 people, though the food is bland and unappetizing. On a raise, the food also satisfy the need for water. (As a Pawn of Mana is worth 100 silver, this is essentially spending 100 silver for 5 really nasty tasting food. Mages only used in the most dire situations, though there exists variants of this spell that conjure up far tastier food!)

Degrade Equipment
Cost: 3 Power Point
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: 3 (1 PP/1)
Trappings: Rust, fast forward the age of equipment etc.
Requirement: Veteran

Weakens the targeted opponent’s weapons or armour (to target both requires 2 casting) the duration of the spell; Enchanted itemsgets to make a d4 roll to resist, with more powerful form of supernatural weapons getting higher dice (Soul-bound gets d6, Myth-forged gets d8 and relics get d10). If the caster gets a raise, the equipment makes the roll at -2.

Affected weapons do one grade dice less damage (down to d2) and cannot ace. Armour only provide halved protection (round down), and shield provides only half their Parry bonus (rounded down). After the duration of the spell, the affected equipment functions at normal.

The caster may expend pay multiples of this spell to affect up to 5 target.

Cost: 4 Power Point
Range: Medium template centred on self
Duration: Instant
Requirement: Veteran
Trappings: Explosion of force, expanding ring of frost, waves of fire

A burst of energy, centred on the caster, expands outward rapidly, catching all those in range. Treat this as an area of effect damage centred on the caster (naturally the caster takes no damage). The amount of damage done is 3d6; A variant only does 2d6 damage, but pushes the target 1" for every 2 point of damage inflicted – usually for an explosion of some corporeal form, such as ice or kinetic energy.

Ward Missile
Cost: 3 Significant Power Points
Range: Medium template with Smarts
Duration: 3 (1 PP/1 round)
Requirement: Veteran
Trappings: Distortion field, entropic field, distorted images

Anyone aiming into the area of effect, and aiming out of the area of effect, suffers a further -2 penalty due to images being shifted about, making aim hard. The penalty is increase to -3 for medium range and -4 for long range. On a raise, you may fire out of the field, up to short range, with only -1 penalty; otherwise normal penalties apply.

New Spells

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